Libratherm is an innovation-driven manufacturer of Process Control Instruments and Systems since 1991. We cater to a wide range of industries, by providing accurate measurement, precise control, and implementing modern standards in data logging and industrial communication.

Glass is one of the industries where we have been supplying numerous process control instruments and control panels for various processes such as Glass Bending, Glass Toughening, and Glass Melting.

Glass Bending

Libratherm offers Ramp Soak PID Temperature Controller - PRC-300, High Temperature Ramp Soak PID Controller - PRC-309 and Three Phase Thyristor Power Controller - POW-3-PA-CL for the Glass Bending Process.

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Glass Toughening

Libratherm offers Multizone (upto 72 zones) Ramp Soak Temperature Controller - PRC-8000 with Three Phase Thyristor Power Controller - POW-3-PA-CL for the Glass Toughening Process.

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Multizone Ramp Soak Temperature Controller


Three Phase Thyristor Power Controller

Glass Melting

Libratherm offers Thyristor Control Panel incorporating 250KW-500KW Three Phase Thyristor Power Controller - POW-12-PA-CL and Advanced PID Temperature Controller - PID-966 for Furnace Oil Heating.

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